Special Needs School, Durrington Campus


The largest special needs facility in the UK with construction value of £10.5 million. The facility is predominantly naturally ventilated through Passive systems including automated night and stack ventilation. The campus includes a specialist centre for epilepsy and provision for all disability levels. In addition to teaching areas a sports and recreational centre together with large hydrotherapy swimming pool is included. The facility is designed to operate in a sustainable manner, minimizing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Design: the Building is designed using mass structure principles to facilitate passive solutions resulting in the maintenance of comfortable internal conditions through the year (Complying with Building Bulletin 87 Environmental requirements).

The facility (pre-planning stage) is subjected to a detailed analysis including thermal, solar and predominant external air movement. This work is established during the pre-planning submission stage to inform the architecture of the required orientation, solar exclusion day lighting and ventilation openings/ stacks for the building.

During the concept stage of the Architectural design and site planning, Thermal Analysis and Computerised Fluid Dynamics confirmed the natural building form, fabric and passive controls necessary to maintain a comfortable internal environment. Each option is developed in the thermal model the results are graphically compared with BB87 environmental comfort criteria enabling decisions relating to building form and orientation to be made prior to planning submission. This information is then used to inform the detailed requirements for each area identifying the size and quantity of passive stacks required. The building then being developed to stage D and submitted for Planning.

CES’s environmental and strategy planning experience enables sustainable solutions to become realities within completed developments achieving low life cycle costings and minimized CO2 emissions.