Dairy Lodge-Hobhouse

Forming the first phase of a sustainable rural development in Somerset, the 5 bedroom house has been provided with environmental systems in readiness for connection to a future centralised energy source which will serve the estate.

The house is constructed from local materials including stack dried oak cladding. A spa pool adjoins the first floor and is set directly into a rock surround. The pool acts as a heat sink for a biomass central power source during the Summer months.

An environmental analysis developed options for the sustainable heating, drainage, water supplies and electrical generation.

The analysis and proposals for the development focused on providing a centralised source of both heat and electrical supplies based upon the local ecology. The results recommended a biomass fuelled combined heat and power unit for location during the next stage of the project.

The building is predominantly naturally ventilated and is significantly shaded through the slated façade treatment.

Drainage systems including reed bed filtration is included as part of the project.