Alpbach - Inneralpbach, Tyrol, Austria


Located in the beautiful Tyrolean village of Alpbach, this 4-storey 500m2 residential property presented a challenge in terms of both the aggressive winter conditions and the availability of an electrical only grid source. The client, both concerned with environmental issues and life cycle for the property, called upon CES to assist in the development of a highly efficient dwelling for his family.

The project was developed from the feasibility stage in line with Passivhaus standards to achieve a highly efficient thermal enclosure. Early thermal modelling and life cycle costing identified a number of options for heating and hot water for the house. These included the provision of solar heating and biomass boiler, which when modelled against the improved thermal properties, account for an 84% improvement in carbon emission and a life cycle saving over 20 years of £70k when compared with an alternative oil fired option.